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Success Story

Testimony regarding data analysis contributes to big win.

The counsel for an international integrated oil and gas company asked us to prepare an analysis of pricing data in response to claims from the company’s former franchisees.  We combined hundreds of files into a comprehensive pricing database, from which we demonstrated the fallacies in plaintiffs’ claims.  We prepared multiple affidavits and testified in deposition and at trial.  As a result, one of plaintiffs’ claims was dropped before trial, and our client prevailed at trial on the other claim.

Success Story

Efficient analysis of complex data leads to favorable settlement.

The counsel for a Japanese company with a subsidiary based in California asked us to review payroll and timesheet data in response to a wage and hour PAGA claim.  We quickly and cost-effectively analyzed the data and prepared exposure estimates that reflected various liability scenarios.  As a result, our client reached an expeditious and favorable settlement at mediation.



Where we came from and where we're headed.

I started Agility Economics to provide exceptional service for my clients.  Having worked at a publicly-traded international consulting firm, a big-four accounting firm and a boutique consulting firm, I believe that proactive communication and reliable results are paramount to my clients’ success.  When I couldn’t find a firm that matched my passion for client success, I started my own.  Let’s work together and see where Agility can take you.

Justin Regus